Commemorating Giovanni Lo Porto

The London Metropolitan University is organising a commemoration event for Giovanni Lo Porto (1977-2015), humanitarian aid worker and graduate of the University. The occasion will celebrate Giovanni’s life and work and unveil a permanent memorial in his honour.

Giovanni was a humanitarian aid worker, who studied at the university from 2007 to 2010. In 2011 he collaborated with GVC in Haiti, on the earthquake relief activities. In January 2012, whilst working on flood relief in Pakistan, he was kidnapped and held as a hostage for three years. In April 2015 President Barack Obama announced that Giovanni and an American hostage had been accidentally killed by a drone missile, initiated by the US in a 'counter terrorist' strike' in January 2015.


In this occasion we are launching, together with London MET, a campaign to support the "Giovanni Lo Porto Prize", a documentary competition for videos that show heroic efforts and resistance by women and men who do not retreat in the face of violence and oppression, but promote the values of solidarity and respect for human rights, peace and freedom.

The prize has been awarded for the first time in October 2015, during the Terra di Tutti Film Festival, to the documentary "Surrounded by ISIS" by Xavier Munoz, which shows the resistance of the Kurdish population in Iraq, not withdrawing in front of ISIS occupation, in the name of freedom and human rights. Form now on the price will be awarded every October.

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