GVC- Civil Volunteer Group, is a non-governmental, secular, and independent organization, founded in Bologna in 1971. We are active in international development aid projects with complex action strategies: from humanitarian aid to populations suffering from conflicts and natural disasters to reconstruction, hygiene, and food security; from rural development to education, to the protection of women's and children's rights.

In over forty years of activity, GVC has operated in all parts of the world, carrying out thousands of projects. We collaborate with public institutions, cultural associations, cooperatives, and Italian and European NGOs, organizing seminars, conferences, exhibits and festivals, laboratories in school and training courses for teachers. We produce educational materials and carry out communication activities on sensitive issues such as differences, human rights, women's issues, sustainable trade, and biodiversity.

GVC works in 26 Countries: Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Burma, Philippines, Afghanistan, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Tunisia, Morocco, Guinea, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Mozambique, Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Perù, Domenican Republic, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, Haiti, Cuba.




We would like to help bring about a better world, fairer and more equal than that we see today. We try to contribute to this through the respect and promotion of the rights of the communities in which we work, within a vision of dignity, exchange, and reciprocity,


We believe in the ability of every person to become aware, we believe in every individual's capability to see the world in a new way and realize that respect for people and the environment, in a closely-linked global North and South, is nothing other than respect for oneself.

We work with individuals, social actors, governments, and local administrations, to help take care of the present and the future, building a culture of self-sufficiency and cooperation that reinforces the independence and freedom of communities.