GVC is a non-governmental, secular, and independent organisation, founded in Bologna in 1971.

We carry out humanitarian aid and sustainable development cooperation projects to guarantee access to clean water, food, health services, education and work, for communities all over the world.

In emergency contexts, we build the foundations for reconstruction and development.

GVC always works to ensure the respect and recognition of fundamental rights, fighting poverty and social inequality by working with individuals, communities, local authorities and governments. Strengthening the resilience of communities is our common goal.

Alongside our international cooperation projects, we also carry out activities for global education and awareness in Italy and Europe: we organise seminars, workshops for students and teachers, exhibits and social cinema festivals like the Terra di Tutti Film Festival. 




We want a better, more equitable and supportive world than the one we see every day. And we try to contribute to its creation through the respect and promotion of the rights of the communities we work with, in a spirit of dignity, exchange and mutual action.


We believe in heightened awareness and in each person’s ability to look at the world with new eyes in order to understand that respect for people and the environment, in a closely linked North and South, is nothing other than self-respect.

We work with individuals, civil society organisations, governments and local authorities so that everybody can take care of their own present and future, building a culture of autonomy and cooperation that strengthens the independence and freedom of communities.