Terra di Tutti Film festival

As GVC, we are convinced that international cooperation needs an educational and awareness work in Italy and Europe in order to develop critical thinking in the “First World”.  To challenge stereotypes and give people not just the information but also the skills and trust needed to support the change towards a fairer and sustainable world.

This is why since 2007 we organise the Terra di Tutti Film festival in Bologna. A social cinema festival, aiming to give visibility to countries, communities and social struggles that are often “invisible”, and speak out against violations of human rights.

The festival is open to audio-visual documentaries and works of different type and format that have at the core of their theme the promotion of rights and gender equality, the pursuit of freedom, active citizenship, environmental and ecological awareness.

Terra di Tutti Film festival wants to offer visions from the “south” (wherever it may be) without rhetoric, censorship or pietism, but with the underlining idea that only a lucid, reactive and unresigned look at the reality that surrounds us can lead to change the present and reinvent the future. Especially through cinema.



LO PORTO AWARD, for the best audio-visual product on the promotion of human rights and peace. The award is dedicated to our colleague and friend Giovanni Lo Porto, killed  by a raid of  USA drones on 15th January 2015, while he was hostage of Taliban armed groups in Pakistan.

SENNI AWARD, for the best audio-visual product on sustainable development and the fight against poverty, dedicated to the aid worker and agronomist Benedetto Senni, who died some years ago in Africa. Components of the jury are the board of the Benedetto Senni Award association in collaboration with the journalist Stefano Liberti.