WELL-BEING. Integrated pathways for health and rural development

Boosting the socio-economic development of the rural population in the Province of Manica, with the aim of improving the living conditions of most vulnerable groups, particularly people affected by leprosys.

Country (*)
Beneficiaries (*)

Local partners

Associação dos Deficientes Físicos de Manica - ADFMA;

Direcção Provincial de Saudé de Manica - DPS;

Associação Moçambicana de Pessoas Atingidas por Lepra - AMPAL.

International partners

Associazione Italiana Amici di Raoul Follereau - AIFO;

Open Group Società Cooperativa Sociale Onlus.


Funding agencies

Emilia-Romagna Region - RER;

Starting date

December 2018

Implementation period

12 Months 

Leprosys is an endemic disease in the poorest countries in the world and it can be eradicated through a combined intervention of contrasting poverty, generating income and improving hygiene and sanitary conditions. The WELL-BEING project aims to improve living conditions of rural populations in the Province of Manica by boosting socio-economic development in the area. More specifically, GVC wants to create income generating activities and social inclusion for marginalised people in rural communities by promoting regenerative organic agriculture and spontaneous flora. Moreover, GVC encourages the creation of vegetable gardens and related entrepreneurial activities. The beneficiaries of the project are most vulnerable groups in rural areas, especially people affected by leprosys, their families and women involved in self help groups, as well as medical staff.


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