We Gov! Empowering MENA CSOs Participation in Policy Making

The aim is to strengthen the engagement of civil society organizations in the reform policy processes.

Beneficiaries (*)

Local partners

ACCUN (Tunisia)

FAL Organisation pour le développement humain, pour la défense de la liberté de pensée et créativité (Libya)

Human Appeal International (Palestine)

MA’AN Development Centre (Palestine)

Amman Centre for Human Rights Studies (Jordan)

International partners

YA BASTA Association (Italy)

Funding agencies

European Commission

Starting date

March 2015

Implementation period

40 months

The action is developed in 4 countries: Jordan, Palestine, Tunisia and Libya. The aim is to strengthen the engagement of civil society organizations in the reform policy processes and to improve their role as watchdogs by means of clarifying and enhancing their organization’s abilities and capacities. This is necessary in order to influence the political reform process, to hold institutions into account, to promote transparency and accountability and finally, to build coalition and set permanent cooperation and coordination platforms at national and regional level. The Action aims to support CSOs to contribute and influence the creation of a post-2015 development agenda in four countries that show low scores in terms of governance indicators and specifically Voice, Accountability and Government Effectiveness. Therefore, the Action pays special attention to the implementation of specific activities in fragile countries, in order to support and implement a better balance and a shared process of learning among countries. Furthermore, the overall idea is to foster effective and sustainable South-South cooperation and exchange of good practices.

-Build a favorable environment for inclusive, democratic and sustainable growth in Tunisia, Libya, Jordan and Palestine by fostering the involvement of CSOs.

-Strengthening the role of CSOs as watchdogs in the reform agenda and policy process through the improvement of governance mechanisms, enhancing capacities and establishing networks and alliances among CSOs and other stakeholders (including private ones) working at local and regional level.

  • Coordination and management bodies; coordination meetings and monitoring; monitoring missions and external audit; dissemination of the outputs and results.
  • Setting up of an e-learning platform for CSOs in governance practices, e-governance advocacy and lobby; training of trainers and use of e-learning platform and VCoP; workshop on governance practice, e-governance, advocacy & lobby; training on PCM and sub-granting management; training on management accountability for CSOs; forum on social accountability/good governance.
  • Lobby/advocacy activities in target countries; setting up dialogue/thematic roundtable with local/national Authorities; Through Virtual CoP, public awareness raising and launch of e-campaigns and watchdog activities; 4 pilot projects through sub-granting scheme for CSOs to experiment forms of accountable governance mechanisms; dissemination of pilot projects results and best practices.
  • Setting up or strengthening national networks; formalizing Community of Practice (CoP) as networks of knowledge management; establishing long networks of CoPs from each country (Virtual CoPs); developing a Common Portal of targeted countries into a platform of distributed Networks of Knowledge; 2 international seminars on e-governance.


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