There is strength in numbers: support to civil society for a sustainable local development

Support the Haitian civil society organizations to promote their active participation in local development, advocacy, consultations and inter-institutional dialogue.

Country (*)
Beneficiaries (*)

Local partners

Mouvement Paysan Papaye (MPP)

Groupe Medialternatif (GM)

International partners

CISV - Comunità Impegno Servizio Volontariato

Funding agencies

EuropAid - European Union

Starting date

February 2015

Implementation period

36 months 

The project is implemented in a context characterized by a lack of connections between civil society and local authorities. The activities foreseen will reinforce/create coordination networks among the several civil society organizations and will introduce an inclusive and participative consultation process regarding local development policies which will bring civil society and local authorities closer.

The objective of the project is the contribution to the development of a more inclusive democracy and a fairer society in Haiti, through the promotion of a closer collaboration between civil society and local authorities, reinforcing the organizations’ networks and encouraging their more active participation in the policy making processes that deal with local development.

  • Creation of an inter-departmental coordination platform to exchange good practices and to provide organizational support;
  • Training for the representatives of local authorities;
  • Training and technical assistance for representatives of the civil society organizations;
  • Creations of a departmental network organized by sectoral advocacy committees;
  • Dissemination and discussion at the municipality level of strategic plans and participation of civil society organizations to consultation tables;
  • Inclusive design, evaluation and implementation of micro-projects on the municipality level including the committees;
  • Training on advocacy activities and relationships with the media;
  • Awareness-raising, communication and advocacy campaigns at the departmental level.


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