Teaching Microcredit

Is it possible to free yourself from poverty? Is it possible to meet the exorbitant market requests and the excessive demands of banks? Is it possible to create opportunity in a context of high economic deprivation?

A visit to the four corners of the planet (Bangladesh, Mozambique, Tunisia and Ecuador) to discover the different experiences in microfinance, for the creation of a teaching journey on microcredit to be implemented in European schools.


Directed and Edited by Miko Meloni

“Teaching Microcredit” is a project to teach Microcredit in secondary schools in Europe as an active way to learn how to fight poverty, promote justice and solidarity, and to overcome the eurocentric perspective in development education. The project, financed by the European Commission, is carried out by GVC in partnership with the University of Bologna and other international partners. For more information click here


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