Strengthening assistance and social services for elderly and disabled persons.

Promoting innovation of assistance models for elderly persons and the economic and social inclusion of young people with intellectual disability in Old Havana.

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Local partners

OHCH - Oficina del Historiador de la Ciudad Habana

International partners


Funding agencies

Embassy of Japan in Havana, Cuba

Starting date

March 2016

Implementation period

24 months

Cuba has an old-age index of 18,3%, therefore, it’s the oldest Country in Latin America. According to the last census, in the next 10 years 15.470 people will turn 60 in Old Havana, consequently diminishing the percentage of children and young people between 0 and 14 years of age. In the last few years, the OHCH - Oficina del Historiador de Ciudad Habana has developed a recovery system of the majority of decadent buildings in the historical centre, in order to use them for actions of social protection of the most vulnerable groups, including the elderly. This state-dependent system has to face the challenge of becoming sustainable.. Hence, the project promotes innovative management models of partnership between the public and private sectors, involving caregivers, families, public institutions and Civil Society, Moreover, the project aims to improve the economic and social integration of young people with intellectual disabilities, strengthening planning, management, and self-sustainability economic capacities, of the entities devoted to their assistance. It also fosters an intergenerational dialogue through meeting seminars between elderly and young people with disabilities.
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This proposal is part of a wider programme promoted by participant institutions and approved by the EU.


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