RI-TUNER: Tunisia-Emilia-Romagna, is a project that aims to stabilise a democratic process in Tunisia through paths of regional planning

We promote democratisation, strengthening the communication and collaboration between Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and local institutions.

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Local partners

AJZ - Associazione des Jeunes de Zammour;

ACCUN - Association pour la citoyenneté et la culture numérique;

ATLAS - Association Tunisienne pour le Leadership, l’Auto développement et la Solidarité.

International partners



Valsamoggia Municipality.


Funding agencies

RER - Emilia-Romagna Region

Starting date

1st March 2017

Implementation period

16 months

The instability of the political situation in Tunisia is defined by a scarce democratic participation linked to the economic disparities among the different population groups. The aim of the project is to capitalise on the educational and support path to groups/cooperatives and on the interinstitutional relations developed during previous similar projects. The action, which aims to guarantee long term sustainability and seeks to optimize achieved results, is structured on three levels. Capacity building of CSOs and local authorities in order to strengthen their strategic planning and project management skills, identification and implementation of projects to test new mechanisms of local governance and accountability, reduction of land conflicts through the use of inclusive mechanisms of participation at a local level.
Additional Info

It is a project included in the programme WE GOV! which aims to strengthen the participation of youth organisations in the process of policy-making in Tunisia.


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