Socio-conomic Development
Socio-conomic Development


The project aims to strength Tunisian women’s social inclusion and economic life through the support to income activities.

Country (*)
Beneficiaries (*)
120 donne

Local partners

Ministry of Agriculture and Hydraulic Resourses;

CMC - Association Centre Media Citoyen;

Bureau d’Appui à la Femme Rurale;

RTES (Réseau Tunisien de l’Economie Sociale);

ATLAS - Association Tunisienne pour le Leadership, l’Auto développement et la Solidarité;  


International partners

Beppe&Rossana Mantovan Association

CEFA Onlus


Funding agencies

PAB - Provincia autonoma di Bolzano

Regione Emilia-Romagna 

Starting date

December 2016

Implementation period

18 months

The project is part of the activities to support the Social Economy as a driver of income generation for women with high social and economic vulnerability in two of the poorest governorates of Tunisia. In continuation with "ECO DE FEMMES - The echo of a good economy: women, social and solidarity" a project funded by the PAB, this action aims to increase the number of women who will benefit from technical assistance services and financial assistance for the support to deployment and income activities. They will strength their role of social cohesion key agent’s in an area sensitive to important phenomena such as migration and political violence.

General objective: to promote social and economic inclusion of women living in the Governorates of Kasserine and Sidi Bouzid through the support to income-generating activities as part of the Social Economy and Solidarity (ESS).

Specific Objectives: to strengthen and consolidate 3 income generating activities undertaken by rural women's groups in structures of social economy and solidarity; to promote social cohesion at community level and the role of women as a key actor in regional development.

  • Training and technical assistance: 3 training courses for technical, organizational and managerial reinforcement related to business plan design and management, administrative management and all 'Increase in technical skills in the field of “food processing” and small-scale breeding: o   dairy production, rabbit and poultry farming;
  • Technical assistance in elaborating a communication & marketing strategy to enlarge the local commercial networks as well as in targeting new possible commercial networks;
  • Financial support to GDAs through the strengthening the availability of inputs;
  • Actions aimed to spread a culture of social and mutual economy as a tool for social cohesion and promotion of women's role;
  • Organization of 3 community cafe meetings (“café cyitoyen”) at community level on the role of women as a key player in territorial development. During these meetings, video, documentaries and videos will be screened and women of the cooperative beneficiaries will be able to present their experience and their emancipation path to the other women of the community, thus stimulating the membership of new members and the widening of their social base;
  • Organization of round table discussions between local authorities and structures of the social economy and solidarity;
  • Information and awareness-raising activities in Bolzano to raise public awareness of Tunisian cooperation activities and to take account of the country's specific initiatives and context.
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Other projects involved: Eco de femmes 

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