REDEMPTION SONG: Maximizing the value of migration and minimizing its social costs in West Africa.

We want to contribute to the affirmation of conscious migratory processes and, moreover, we want to strengthen the role of diaspora organizations and civil society in providing positive alternatives to irregular migration.

Burkina Faso
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Burkina Faso
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1.000.000 individuals

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May 2018 

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Since 2014, 14,500 deaths have been registered in the Mediterranean among migrant communities; 5,143 missing or dead registered only in 2016. The phenomenon of migration is linked to conflicts, persecutions or natural disasters, but also to hopes for better living conditions and a lack of trust and perspective in the countries of origin. In Western Africa, potential migrants are not fully aware of risks related to abuse, to exploitation and death along the migratory route, and to hostility in the countries of destination. The objective of the project is to minimize the social negative implications of migration, mobilizing communities and engaging civil society to discourage risky migrations. The action aims to raise awareness among communities, especially potential young migrants, through the screening of the documentary film Redemption Song, and through thematic workshops that will raise awareness about the subject of migration and development.


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