DE - Development Education
DE - Development Education

RaP - Rhizome against Polarisation

Preventing polarisation at grass-root level developing a participative approach to equip and protect first-line practitioners, reinforce resilience in vulnerable groups and produce innovative policies aiming to prevent radicalisation and violent extremism

Beneficiaries (*)
200 000

International partners

NOVACT – International Institute for Nonviolent Action (Spain);

SudWind (Austria).

Funding agencies

European Union’s Internal Security Fund — Police.

Starting date

1st January 2019

Implementation period

25 months

Violent extremism is having a devastating impact on the lives and livelihoods of populations across the continent, particularly towards the most vulnerable, including youth, women and children. Violent extremism is raising currently in Europe, where fanatic movements spreading racist, islamophobia, xenophobia, and extreme-right ideologies are gaining momentum and institutional representation, while radical Islamism is rising as well. In front of the new growth of groups prompting hatred, intolerance and violence, security-based only measures will not be effective. Focusing on European policies supporting the prevention of radicalisation, the action equips first-line practitioners to manage polarisation and radicalisation, reinforces resilience processes of communities at risk, shares with public institutions Policy Frameworks to manage polarisation and increases awareness among EU society on existing good practices to mitigate polarisation.


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