Protection and Assistance for Syrian refugees in Lebanon

The action seeks to contribute to the protection of the most vulnerable refugees and asylum seekers through the provision of material assistance and essential services – WASH and Shelter - and community empowerment and mobilization.

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Local partners

BWE - Bekaa Water Establishment

Funding agencies

BWE - Bekaa Water Establishment

Starting date

March, 2016

Implementation period

12 months

In Lebanon, the demographic shock due to the Syrian displacement in combination with decreased of the economic activities have created a complex, protracted crisis. In the country poverty among refugees has risen to an unprecedented level. The Bekaa Valley is the area hosting the biggest number of refugees, living mainly in ITS where access to basic services is very poor and families are often subjected to low level of security and protection. In this framework, the action aims to enhancing the protection of the most vulnerable refugees and asylum seekers by providing a multi sectorial response (Wash and Shelter) which will reduce the obstacles to access to safe and dignified asylum. The action is intended to assure minimum basic humanitarian standards for refugees and asylum seekers, while setting the basis for a transitional strategy to provide a more integrated approach able to respond comprehensively and impartially to protection-sensitive needs of the areas of intervention.

General Objective: enhance integrated protection of the most vulnerable Lebanese and Syrian population by providing a multisectorial emergency response aimed at preserving life, preventing and alleviating human suffering and maintaining human dignity.

Specific Objective: Contribute to the protection of the most vulnerable Syrian and Lebanese households affected by the Syrian crisis by providing humanitarian assistance including shelter, WASH and awareness raising.

  • Support the engagement of the most vulnerable communities in a community-based consultation and partecipative processes to identify wash and shelter protection needs;
  • Implement a protection profiling of targeted ITS extending Household vulnerabilities score to not assessed areas;
  • Identify mechanisms of communities protection in the area of Masharia al Qa'a, ensuring the support to at-risk and vulnerable individuals to access protection services delivered by partners' agencies, governmental bodies or secondary specialized duty bearers;
  • Provision of shelter assistance and essential services to vulnerable ITS and communities to ensure meaningful access and safe and dignity life for ITS members;
  • Implementation of public campaigns in complementarity with the specific assistance provided in the target area.


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