Socio-conomic Development
Socio-conomic Development

PROM’ESS – Promoting and Strengthening of Social and Solidarity Economy

The project aims to strengthen the production chains and to create new space of participative consultation between Institutions and CSOs.

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Local partners
  • UGIT - Union Générale Tunisienne du Travail;
  • RTES - Réseau Tunisien de l’Economie Sociale ;
  • Associazione Rayhana per Donne di Jendouba;
  • SYNAGRI - Syndicat des agriculteurs de Tunisie;
  • Ministère de l’Agriculture et des Ressources Hydrauliques – Tunisie.
International partners
  • Nexus ER  - Nexus Solidarietà Internazionale Emilia Romagna;
  • CEFA - Comitato Europeo per la Formazione e l’Agricoltura Onlus;
  • COSPE Onlus;
  • Comune di Reggio Emilia.
Funding agencies

RER – Regione Emilia Romagna

Starting date

April, 2017

Implementation period

12 months

Tunisia, following the 2011 Jasmine Spring, is going through a slow and complex democratic transition phase, characterized by important progress in terms of political freedom and human rights. Despite this, the country remains in precarious between requests for democratization and a process of power centralization. In the economic sphere, structural weaknesses such as strong regional disparities, youth and women unemployment and the massive presence of the informal economy, continue to maintain strong weight. The private sector is struggling to create new jobs, while the public sector presents serious over numbers, in several areas. The action aims to strengthen the solidarity-based business and the participatory public sector processes, in line with the Social and Solidarity Economic Strategy (ESS). This is an internationally acknowledged strategy concerning the capability of generating sustainable jobs and competitive and territorial businesses. Moreover, the ESS is strongly anchored in democratic practices, with regard to economic and social level. The ESS promotes and strengthens the dialogue between institutions and civil society, supporting the country's democratic transition process. The project provides space for institutions and civil society meetings, by promoting ownership of interventions and stimulating sustainable development actions.

General Objective: strengthening the participatory dynamic of local development in the Social and Solidary Economy framework, supporting the creation of job and income opportunities for youth and women unemployment. 

Specific Objective: supporting business, associations and groups that adopt and operate according to the principles of the social and solidarity economy, also by favoring their recognition and support within public policies negotiated by civil society and the institutions.

  • Technical Assistance Program for 12 businesses and associations of Social and Solidarity Economics, given by experts from various sectors. Technical assistance will cover the areas such as enterprise management (accounting and governance compliance), improvement of production techniques and marketing;
  • Allocation of funds for the post-start business phase, used to finance at least 4 investment plans, in order to increase the enterprise sustainability;
  • Establishment of a working group between competent ministries, project partners and pilot experience for accreditation of ESS companies;
  • Meeting about the best practice. The activity strengthens the accreditation of social and solidarity firms to the institutions involved - Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Ministry of Professional Education and Employment, Ministry of Social Affairs – and it also aiming to involve the social and solidarity  beneficiaries in Financing programs supported by the Tunisian Bank for the Development;
  • Organizing the participatory dialogue between the various actors (union solidarity enterprises and cooperatives, associations, parliament and government) on the Social and Solidarity Legislative Reform and its strengthening through a People's Consultation mechanism in order to disseminate the Proposal of Law integrated with the contributions of civil society;
  • Visibility event organized in Emilia-Romagna in collaboration with regional festivals already organized by the NGO project partners (Itacà, Terra di Tutti Film Festival, Festival dei Diritti Ferrara) in order to disseminate good practices of the project thanks to testimonies of experts who have collaborated on the project.


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