Protecting the privacy of our supporters and defending their personal data is a job we take very seriously.

The personal data we collect is treated according to the European and Italian regulations; here you will find information on the use and access to such data.

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In accordance with art. 13 and art. 14 of the EU Regulation 2016/679 on the Protection of Personal Data, the following text gives the methods we use with respect to the privacy of this site’s visitors, describing how we collect, use and protect personal information, their recognised rights and the ways in which they may contact us.


GVC – Gruppo di Volontariato Civile Onlus / Ong (herein also referred to as “GVC”). HQ: Via Francesco Baracca, 3 | 40133 | Bologna

The purpose of data treatment 

Through our website, we collect personal information, which visitors are free to provide via the dedicated forms, orders, questionnaires, donations or requests, or by sending emails, in order to:

  • Satisfy the specific request of the user;
  • Send news, updates and the promotion of events, activities and other projects;
  • Support our projects with a Donation;
  • Allow for spontaneous applications or applications for openings to be sent;
  • Profile the actions you take in favour of GVC, your preferences and socio-demographic characteristics.
  • Conduct statistical studies;

The concession of such data is optional however it is necessary for satisfying the visitor’s requests and for perfecting the relationship between the two sides. Such use of data follows the principle expressed by art. 6 of the Regulation, according to which the use of personal data is allowed if necessary for the correct execution of services required by the individual whose data is in question. The concession of data for promotional and profiling purposes is optional, the refusal of which does not bring about any consequences, except for the impossibility for the User to receive promotional material concerning our activities and projects.

The types of data collected 

The personal data which is collected through the website concerns demographic and contact details, and payment methods, for purposes which are inherent to the mutual obligations between you and GVC. Other than common data intentionally and directly provided by the Users, the computer systems and software procedures which manage this website also acquire, during their normal functions, internet activity data which is an implicit acquisition when making use of internet communication protocols. For further information please read our Cookie Policy. GVC does not deliberately collect any sensitive data through this website.

Data treatment 

To use personal data means its collection, registration, organisation, conservation, elaboration, modification, selection, extraction, cross-reference, treatment, interaction, containment, communication, distribution and the combination of two or more of these actions, even with automated systems which record, manage and transmit the same data, using tools which are capable of ensuring its safety and privacy.

As for safety, the database is only accessible by personnel authorised by the Controller. All the above-listed actions relative to your data and its use in general will take place following procedures and with tools which are capable of ensuring their privacy. Whether these actions take place via electronic and/or automated systems or non-automated means (such as physical archives), all systems will be provided with adequate safety measures, in accordance with the EU Regulation 2016/679 regarding the Protection of Personal Data, in order to prevent the loss of data, its illicit/incorrect use or unauthorised access to it.

Communicating the data to third parties 

Without prejudice to any communications which are required by law, GVC will communicate the data provided by visitors only to providers selected to support the required service, referred to as External Managers of data use, such as: commercial and operational partners responsible for logistics and delivery; banks responsible for payment management, including electronic remote payment service providers; consultants and collaborators responsible for providing (for example) tax, accounting or legal advice, provided these same subjects may not in turn communicate the same data to third parties; subjects who provide services for IT, database and telecom networks management; subjects who carry out revisions, assessments and certification.

Links with third part websites 

We invite the Users to take into consideration that the website GVC-ITALIA.ORG may contain links to other websites which are not covered by this privacy policy. Visitors may be directed from this site to third party sites in order to obtain further information regarding, for example, events, content promotion, provider services; GVC gives no guarantee for how the visitors’ data may be recorded or treated by third party websites. We recommend they examine the privacy policy of each of the third-party sites they reach via links on the GVC-ITALIA.ORG site in order to best understand their use of your personal data.

Use of Social Media 

GVC may not be held responsible if you share personal data on social media, which is subsequently properly or improperly used by third parties. GVC may also provide links to other social media platforms which take the User to servers which are installed by individuals or organisations over which GVC has no control. GVC provides no representation of, nor is in any way responsible for, the accuracy or any other aspect of the available information on such websites. The link to a third-party site is not to be interpreted as a form of validation, neither by GVC nor by the third party in question, of the products and/or services of others or of the third party in question. GVC does not provide any statements or guarantees regarding the use or recording of the User’s data by third-party sites. We invite Users to thoroughly examine the privacy policy which regulates third-party sites connected to our own, in order to achieve a full understanding of the possible treatment of their personal data.

Data conservation 

All personal data conferred via the website will be kept for a time which is necessary for the complete satisfaction of the request, or which depends on exercising the obligations established between the parties, without prejudice to the data-subject’s right to withdraw their consent at any time.

Data-subject's rights 

In accordance with the EU Regulation 679/2016, the data-subject is entitles to: the right to request access to their personal data from the Data Controller (art. 15), their correction (art. 16), their deletion (art. 17) or for the use of the data in question to be limited (art. 18), the right to data portability (art. 20) or to oppose the use of the data (art. 21), and the right to not be subject to decisions made on the basis of automated systems, including profiling, which may produce relevant legal effects or which may in the same way have a significant effect on their person (art. 22). If the use of personal data is based on the explicit consent you have provided, in accordance with art. 7 paragraph 3 of the Regulation, you are entitled to unsubscribe from the newsletter or to revoke your consent to receive communications and updates for marketing and commercial purposes. You are also entitled to the right to lodge a complaint to the competent Authority (art. 77 of the Regulation) if you believe the use of your data by the Data Controller is not compliant. All requests may be made to the Data Controller by writing to

Policy changes 

GVC reserves the right to change this policy as necessary.


How we use cookies

Cookies are small strings of text which the browser records when a user visits a website, including ours. Cookies are generally used by websites in order to improve the user’s internet experience, allowing the website to recognise them, both during their visit (using a “session” cookie which will be deleted after the browser is closed) and for following visits (using “permanent” cookies). 

To learn more about cookies, please visit the dedicated website, which you can find using the following link relative to where you are from:

The general system implemented by the Privacy Authority (GU n. 126 of 3rd June 2014) defines two kinds of cookie: 

  • Technical cookies – Used in order to allow a communication to be sent, a service requested by the client to be satisfied or data regarding the use of the website to be elaborated.
  • Profiling cookies – Used in order to register the behaviour of a user and the preferences they show, as to send them marketing material which is tailored to their interests. 

Regarding the above-mentioned system, GVC-ITALIA.ORG uses the following kinds of cookie:

  • Essential cookies
    “Essential” cookies are cookies which are necessary for allowing the required functions to be operational. Some functions of GVC-ITALIA.ORG cannot be operational without the use of such cookies, therefore not only is the user’s experience dependent on them, but also the site’s usefulness. The essential cookies for the use of the website are exempt from having to be communicated to the user in accordance with the EU directive, however we prefer you have a complete understanding of the relative information.
  • Technical cookies
    These cookies allow for certain parts of the site to function. Their purpose is to maintain an active session between the user and the site, while also maintaining the user’s choice of preferred language. They are memorised by the browser however it is possible to delete or deactivate their memorisation; this will compromise the functionality of certain services of the website. The user’s consent is not needed for the use of these cookies.
  • Analytics 
    Google Analytics is a free web analysis tool from Google which allows for the collection of information regarding internet activity, such as sites visited, time spent on a site, how a site is reached. This data defines a website’s trends without identifying the individual users. In order for these cookies to be used the user must give their consent, expressing it by simply continuing their internet activity on the site, clicking outside of the banner which pops up on GVC-ITALIA.ORG upon the user’s first visit. Google Analytics uses its own cookies. You can learn more about Google’s Privacy Policy. It is possible to block the use of Google Analytics on our site by downloading and installing the relevant Browser Plugin which is available for download following this link
  • Profiling cookies
    These are third-party cookies which allow for information about user preferences to be collected while they navigate online while also recording when advertisements are seen, the user’s reaction and their subsequent actions and assessing the revenue of marketing campaigns. Google’s Privacy Policy, where further information is available, can be viewed by following this link.


How to block the use of cookies 

Regarding third-party cookies used by this website, we refer the user to the provider’s policy, available via the above link, for information about disabling them.

Another method for managing cookies is to modify the used browser’s settings. Most internet browsers are programmed by default to accept cookies. It is however possible to disable their use or decide which can and cannot be used. The following links are to sites which describe how to manage cookies on the most common web browsers:

We remind the user that disabling internet activity cookies or functional cookies may limit the services we provide or the content of the site itself.


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