Preventing and responding to climate change: resilient mitigating techniques of the drought effect in Swaziland and Mozambique

Strengthening the resilience of populations hit by El Niño drought through an inclusive approach to improve agricultural production, to strengthen farmers’ and technicians’ skills and to support preventive measures of environmental risk

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SDAE Serviço Distrital de Actividades Económicas

SDPI Serviço Distrital de Planeamento e Infra-estruturas

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PMM ProgettoMondo Mlal

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Starting date

January 2018

Implementation period

36 months

The climate events caused by El Niño have provoked the worst drought in the Southern Africa area in the last 35 years. Communities in the cross-border area between Swaziland and Mozambique live in constant emergency of food insecurity and acute malnutrition since 2016. At least 70% of the population rely on subsistence agriculture and limited access to irrigation systems means that resources for farming are exclusively based on rainwater. Local authorities aren’t able to face the emergencies efficiently, hence the population isn’t prepared to deal with the impact of the drought’s effects on agriculture. In order to increase the resilience of the rural population and strengthen the tools for prevention of the risks caused by climate change, the action aims to diversify crops and to improve agricultural production through the use of new technologies. The project also promotes the development of a conservative agriculture and the strengthening of regional planning and water resources through a direct involvement of the technicians and management staff of the institutions involved.
Additional Info

It is a project included in the programme “Mitigating the effects of drought caused by El Niño in the countries of Southern Africa to strengthen the resilience of the beneficiary communities - AID 10862".

Project 1: Mozambique and Swaziland. Rural development of Namaacha and Boane areas and oriental region of Swaziland.

Project 2: Mozambique. Rural development in Moamba, Magude and Manhiça in Maputo Province.


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