OPERA. Civil society mobilization and awareness about transitional justice

Operazionalization of Sidi Bouzid CSOs about post-Revolution justice process

Beneficiaries (*)

Local partners

ACCUN (Association Citoyenneté et Culture Numérique)

Funding agencies

UNDP – United Nations Development Programme

Starting date

March 2015

Implementation period

12 Months

The project aims at enhancing the role of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and activists in engaging in the process of transitional justice in Sidi Bouzid region, one of the most marginalized in the country. The project’s goal is to guarantee the access to information concerning transitional justice in the rural context in particular, in order to foster disadvantaged groups’ access to justice. In order to obtain this goal, the action foresees the training of CSOs, activists and local authorities on transitional justice and the creation of a network between them; the creation of information materials at the Community Media Centers of Regueb, Menzel Bouzayenne and Sidi Bouzid; the implementation of awareness campaigns on the rights linked to the process of transitional justice through field missions in rural areas and the opening of help desks inside the Media Centers.

Enhancing the contribution of civil society to engage in the process of transitional justice in the Governorate of Sidi Bouzid: active citizens of Sidi Bouzid, including young people, women and members of CSOs are able to mobilize and disseminate information on the process of transitional justice among the population.

  • Coordination and monitoring: set up of coordination and management bodies; coordination meetings; monitoring missions and audit.
  • Capacity building of local CSOs in awareness raising among the local population: training of local CSOs and local activists, production of communication materials through a participatory method, awareness raising among the local population, especially in rural contexts and among local authorities.
  • Capacity building of local authorities on transitional justice and setting up of a multi-actor network: training of local authorities on transitional justice, networking meetings among CSOs and local authorities, organization of events and public debates.
  • Training of CSOs on monitoring the action of IVD (Instance Verité Dignité) and creation of orientation/information services: setting up of services aimed at supporting and orienting the local population, monitoring of the activities implemented by IVD, diffusion of good practices in a final public event.


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