Oficina de Arte

The project, which is part of the EDUCA programme, promotes the implementation of extracurricular activities, considering art as the main tool in the growth of children.

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Local partners
  • Municipio di Pemba
  • Serviços Distritais de Educação, Juventude e Tecnologia – SDEJT do distrito de Pemba
  • Casa Províncial da Cultura
Funding agencies

Cooperazione Svizzera

Starting date

April 2017

Implementation period

7 months

The present action is a continuance of the EDUCA programme, financed by the European Union and implemented by GVC. The proposal is to establish a plan of continuity in order to strengthen actions already undertaken by EDUCA, but with some innovative aspects. There are three components of the programme: 1) artistic and handcrafted labs for young and children attending primary school; 2) exchange of knowledge and experiences between artists and teachers concerning art; 3) visualisation of the results through evaluation and self-monitoring actions: cultural events and art exhibitions.

General objectives:

  • Promoting art and local culture as a means for the education of children;
  • Development of artists and local cultural groups skills;
  • The integration of cultural elements between school and local community.

Specific objectives:

  •  Promoting the growth of children through the transmission of social values in favour of an active and full citizenship through educational and extracurricular means, experimentation with the arts in schools and in the educational centres of Pemba;
  •  Strengthening of local artists through capacity-building actions and enhancing the value chain of art and local culture through artistic exhibitions and events managed by the community;
  • Strengthening of formal education by means of the contextualization of knowledge and of the teaching-learning process in primary school.
  • Weekly art lab during the school year in the primary school of Nanite and Muxara in different artistic fields: drawing and painting, singing lessons, theatre, visual arts, dance, etc.;
  • Capacity-building: exchange of technical artistic competences and knowledge among artists and teachers of the primary school;
  • Visualisation of the results through cultural meetings. In particular 6 cultural meetings will be organised where teachers, school representatives, families, public institutions and different kinds of artists will be involved with the aim to put families and the community in contact with the school and with the learning process. As well as raising awareness on the importance of art and the traditional culture as a means of education for children and a moment for sharing knowledge. During the final event the works made by the children in the laboratory will be presented; 6 art exhibitions in collaboration with external artists organised by institutions/partners artistic movements in different parts of the city.  
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