Oficina de arte 2018-2020

A well-rooted project since 2013, Oficina de Arte continues promoting arts and culture as a teaching and learning method.

Country (*)
Beneficiaries (*)

Local partners

Municipality of Pemba
Serviços Distritais de Educação, Juventude e Tecnologia – SDEJT do distrito de Pemba
Casa Províncial da Cultura
Funding agencies

Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation

Starting date

July 2018

Implementation period

24 months

Since its beginning in 2013, as part of the multi-country programme EDUCA, Oficina de Arte has steadily grown. The project aims to continue promoting arts and cultural activities as a teaching and learning method, supporting local artists and integrating cultural subjects in schools and local communities. In particular, Oficina de Arte has the aim of reinforcing arts and handicraft workshops (theatre, dance and drawing) as extracurricular activities, as well as to foster capacity building between artists, professors and technicians. The themes explored in these activities vary from accounting to entrepreneurship, from environment to active citizenship. The direct beneficiaries of classes, workshops, events and exhibitions are the children of three primary schools in Pemba, their parents, educators and artists. Furthermore, art exhibitions and cultural events involve the entire community. Oficina de Arte 2018-2020 wants to extend its activities to Maputo too, by relying on a solid network in the area.
Additional Info

This project, continuing from Oficina de Arte 2017, sees the co-funding of the following projects implemented by WW-GVC:

“Com-Pemba” project (January-July 2018), funded by Emilia-Romagna region.

“Partecidade” project (April 2018-March 2020), funded by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation - AICS in Maputo.

“Climate change mitigation” project (January 2018-December 2020), funded by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation - AICS in Maputo.

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