MIG-RIGHT: supporting and advocating Cambodian migrants’ rights

The action aims to protect human rights and fundamental freedoms of Cambodian migrants and potential migrants, through supporting civil society, national and supranational authorities.

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Beneficiaries (*)

Local partners

-           LSCW - Legal Support for Children and Women (Cambodian)

-           LPN - Labour Rights Promotion Network Foundation (Thai)

Funding agencies

EU - European Union 

EIDHR - European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights 

Starting date

January 2017

Implementation period

36 months

Since 2013, the number of Cambodian migrants in Thailand has been increasing every year. In 2015 there were up to 2 million Cambodian migrants, out of those only around 20% were registered as regular migrant. Cambodian migrants are the most vulnerable group due to their poor education and lack of information about safe migration and their rights. They are also suffering from very weak services from the Cambodian Government and weakness of Cambodian CSOs in advocacy activities, inside and outside the country. There are many reported cases of migrants locked inside Thai seafood and fish factories obliged to live in slavery, in demeaning conditions without even the possibility to go out and at risk of abuse by other migrants. Moreover many migrants are victimized at the hands of perpetrators of contemporary forms of slavery, through human trafficking (especially women and children) and labour exploitation. There are many factors that contribute to the exploitation faced by migrant workers: the inefficient enforcement of current action plans to combat human trafficking from Cambodian and Thai Governments, the inappropriate use of law to defend the victims, not effective legal procedures, the malfunctioning of the private recruitment agencies to which, according to the Cambodian law, migrants are obliged to refer to, Thai employers who tend to take advantage of the extremely weak position of migrants. Thus, the project fits in this context trying to promote human rights and fundamental freedoms improving capacity of CSOs to participate in multi-actor partnerships with local authorities in order to advocate and pursue a common agenda at local, National and ASEAN level, able to provide the needed support for migrants with the key goal to prevent human trafficking, arbitrary detention and facilitate access to justice.

The overall objective is to improve human rights of migrants through safe channels and practices of migration from Cambodia to Thailand reducing abuse, work exploitation and trafficking cases.

The specific objectives are:

  • supporting the Cambodian and Thai Authorities in the improvement of policies and laws to protect Cambodian migrants victim of human trafficking and people smuggling;
  • preventing and eradicating human rights violations against migrants in Cambodia and Thailand through the empowerment of CSOs and increasing awareness of the risks linked to irregular migration pathways among migrants.
  • Editing a study on main issues affecting human trafficking, working exploitation and normative gaps, with the aim to review and analyse the protection policies in Cambodia and Thailand in favour of the Cambodian migrant workers and trafficked people;
  • Technical support and 3 training programmes to Cambodian and Thailand Government Representatives including exchange visits in the ASEAN countries. The training programme includes workshops, exchange of good practices and visit to the field.  In particular, the visits will be organized to better understand the living conditions of migrants (in Thailand) and their families left behind (in Cambodia);
  • Improving application and integration of the Convention on Trafficking of Human Beings and Working Migration adopted by the target countries, through advocacy and lobbying activities promoted by CSOs within ASEAN network;
  • Monitoring and advocacy activities towards the implementation of legal instruments put in place between Cambodia and Thailand;
  • Creating, strengthening and training of 25 Self Help Groups (SHGs) - 5 SHGs for each of the targeted provinces -  in order to raise awareness on human trafficking, safe migration and integration into society.  SHGs will function as self-protection-information mechanisms;
  • Rights watch activities of SHG on the legal provisions implementation at local levelR4_ Increased awareness among migrants, potential ones and general public in the origin and destination targeted areas on risks and hazard of working exploitation and human trafficking related to irregular migration;
  • Selection and training of 5 Social Ambassadors Campaigners (SAC), IEC – information education communication – and communicative and informative material production for migrants;
  • Two Awareness Campaigns, through financial support to third party and with the technical support of an international GVC communication expert, will be set up starting from the personal stories of the Social Ambassadors.
  • The campaigns aim to spread information using social media It is estimated that they will reach at least 750.000 people in the geographical area of Cambodia, Thailand, ASEAN countries and Europe. Moreover a new and modern Smartphone applications for an exchange of information among migrants will be developed. 
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Projects involved: Migra Safe and Migra Action 


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