MIG-RIGHT launches a Call for Proposals for the Awareness/Communication Campaign

DEADLINE EXTENSION: MIG-RIGHT launches a Call for Proposals for the Awareness/Communication Campaign

A call for proposals has been launched under the  MIG-RIGHT project, with a budget of € 45,000 in order to seek applications from Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), Social enterprises (SEs) communication agencies and other private companies to design and implement an outreach campaign to combat human trafficking and labour exploitation in Cambodia and Thailand.

MIG-RIGHT  (supporting and advocating Cambodian migrants’ rights in Thailand, preventing violations and human trafficking EIDHR/2016/376-943) is a project co-founded by the European Union and implemented by WeWorld-GVC and its local counterparts in Cambodia, Legal Support for Children and Women (LSCW), and in Thailand, Labour Rights Promotion Network Foundation (LPN).

WeWorld-GVC seeks to build a communication campaign, which, based on real stories of migrants and left behind, enables the dissemination of information on safe migration to a wider public using innovative and cost-effective tools such as social media and other available online instruments.

The scope of the outreach campaign is to increase awareness among Cambodian migrant workers and potential ones, authorities in Cambodia and Thailand and general public about labour and migrants rights, human trafficking, promoting safe migration and strengthening the action against abuses and exploitation.

To find out more about the overall and specific objectives of MIG-RIGHT project please click here.


To submit the call, applicants must follow the guidelines:

  • Call for Proposals_WWGVC_MIG-RIGHT
  • Annex I - Eligible costs- MIG-RIGHT
  • Annex II - Applicant Info sheet - MIG-RIGHT
  • Annex III – Description of the Action_MIG-RIGHT
  • Annex IV – Budget template_MIG-RIGHT


Project proposals must be submitted no later than October 2019, 14th, at 10.00 am Cambodian time (+6 GMT)







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