DE - Development Education
DE - Development Education

MIGRA-TED: Migrations and human rights enhanced through Technology in Education

MIGRA-TED promotes inclusion and active participation of youth, migrants and refugees through digital tools.

Country (*)
Beneficiaries (*)
705.325 people

Local partners

Bologna Municipality;

C.S.A.P.S.A.2 - Centro Studi di Analisi Psicologia e Sociologia Applicate 2.

International partners

Action Aid Hellas (Greece);

Karpos (Greece);

Future Worlds Center - Cyprus Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute (Cyprus);

SLOGA Platforma (Slovenia), 4Change (Portugal);

COFAC - Cooperativa de Formacao e Animacao Cultural (Portugal).

Funding agencies

EACEA - Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency;

Erasmus+: Support for Policy Reform and Online Linguistic Support.

Starting date

January 2018

Implementation period

36 months

Recent migrations in Europe represent an important challenge from a social, cultural and educational point of view. As the last researches demonstrate, the diffusion of populisms and xenophobia are the proof that there is the urgency to sensitise the European population on intercultural dialogue, migrations and human rights. These are themes not faced in the appropriate structured way in the education field and often limited to restricted groups. MIGRA-TED faces those themes through educational and communicative activities, using multimedia channels, making the youth protagonists and creators of raising-awareness tools (researches, web documentaries, digital tools and participatory videos), and training teachers and operators to the use of digital tools in the education field. Moreover, in order to guarantee a systemic impact, MIGRA-TED involves national and local organisations and institutions in multi-actors platforms, in order to introduce and strengthen educational policies relevant to Education to Development.
Additional Info

The project continues and develops Amitié CODE – Capitalizing On Development programme.


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