#MigratED: Global Citizenship Education through technology

MigratED is a Global Citizenship Education project aimed at disseminating good educational practices on intercultural dialogue, migration and human rights by training teachers and educators on these topics and on the use of digital and multimedia tools.

Youth and the educational community are involved in a digital awareness raising campaign for promoting a sharing and welcoming culture in Italy, Portugal, Slovenia, Cyprus and Greece.

In 2018, more than 400 organisations have been mapped by MigratED partners, informed about project objectives and foreseen activities, and invited to take part to a needs assessment analysis. 

From this needs assessment analysis, based on which the training and capacity building to professionals in education has been structured , the following recommendations has been extracted:

  • Need to support teachers and professionals with innovative methodologies applied to Global Citizenship Education (GCE) themes;
  • Need to develop new didactic approaches for the daily and practical use of digital technologies as a tool to deal with GCE in formal and non-formal education settings;
  • Need to allow participants to share good and creative practices on the use of digital technologies for GCE;
  • Need to promote a multidisciplinary and combined methodologies approach;


Based on the needs identified, an international Training of Trainers was carried out in January 2019, gathering around 40 professionals in formal and non-formal education setting and trained on managing diversity in education; media and digital tools in Global Citizenship Education; climate change, sustainable development and migrations in education; media literacy and participatory video in education.

As a continuation of the international Training of Trainers, in October 2019 WeWorld-GVC organised two National Training courses for educators and teachers, on migration issues, human rights, media education and multimedia tools for teaching, with a specific focus on Participatory Video as a tool for inclusive learning.

The training was carried out in collaboration with the Intercultural Centre of the Municipality of Bologna, the Cooperative C.S.A.P.S.A. 2 and SMK VideoFactory, independent audiovisual production company.

The next steps of the MigratED project include activities aimed at young Italians and to foster intercultural competences and critical analysis skills, as well as awareness-raising actions for more inclusive school through Global Citizenship Education and multimedia tools.

More information:

Overall needs assessment report available here.

National Needs Assessment Reports available here.

Minutes of the Training of Trainers available here.

Videos of the training sessions available here.

Minutes of the National Trainings, available in Italian here.

Click here to read the guidelines.


For additional training materials and further info please write to: educazione@weworld.it



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