MedFilm For All: the importance of cinema in Mediterranean Regions

The action has a regional dimension seeking at building a MED coalition promoting audience development and gender equality through audiovisuals.

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Local partners
  • ANND - Arab NGO Network for Development 
  • MENA - Media Monitoring (Groupe Arabe d’Observation des Médias)
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Starting date

February 2017 

Implementation period

36 months

Among the target Countries there are many differences and different degrees between them in terms of how much and how effectively they invest in cinema industry and promote human development through support to the cultural industry as a job creating sector. Nevertheless, some similarities concerning needs and constraints are evident, such as: lack of opportunities and legitimation of women professionals in the film industry; need of reforms in cultural sector in order to draft more efficient and effective cultural policies at national, regional and local levels, thus considering culture as a mean to convey empowering message and promote gender equality; lack of opportunity and access to funds for CSOs, independent cultural actors, especially those active in rural areas; low access to the cultural venues in rural and remote areas and in refugee camps; difficult access to independent products, weak mainstream and markets both in international and national level; lack of national and regional knowledge and strategy on audience development. Hence, there is a common need in the region for a process of analysis, consultation and dialogue concerning the audiovisual role, which can help in improving and convey a non-stereotyped image of women. It is particularly important to keep supporting human development and tolerance toward diversity.

The general objective is to contribute to human development and gender equality, through the diffusion of audiovisual products tackling social issues in Southern Mediterranean region - in particular in 6 Countries (Palestine, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia). A seventh country (Libya) is also targeted from the action for several activities, and Libyans relevant stakeholders will be involved depending on security situation.

The specific objective is to increase the production, the diffusion and the accessibility of audiovisual productions promoting social and gender issues and to improve exchange and network between CSOs and film industry actors. In particular, through the financial support to third parties (sub-grant scheme) 12 projects targeting audience development will be financed and supported.

  • Three days kick-off meeting in Tunis to launch the action. It will be attended by the all project partner representatives from all the Countries involved.
  • MedBarometer Survey: a survey will be conducted in 6 targeted Countries to test citizens’ knowledge, attitudes and practices concerning access to films tackling sensitive issues, in particular gender and participation to cultural life. The final output will be a MedBarometer comparing the public opinion on “Film access and participation” mainly but not only in the rural areas of the 6 target Countries.
  • Training of national experts on the role of the women in the film industry; freedom of expression; access to market and exchange of films throughout the Mediterranean; reproduction of gender stereotypes on media;
  • Elaboration of call for proposals with the objective to select 12 projects to fund through sub-grants;
  •  6 days National seminars – one  per involved Country - organised by the experts trained to inform and rise both awareness and technical competences of beneficiaries.
  • Training and Study Visit in Italy organised in order to improve the capacities and competences of beneficiaries.
  • Med Film Festival event will be organised in Tunisia aiming at stimulating South-South cooperation and sharing of good practices and knowledge developed by sub-granted projects. It will represent the core activity upscaling the sub-granted projects results as well as a great networking space among sub-grant beneficiaries, the relevant stakeholders and the public.
  • Advocacy and campaign activities: GVC will lead in producing one short film clips of 1 to 3 minutes that will be used for the websites and social media channels of consortium members, thus reaching out to a wide public and promoting the MedFilm aims and values - a claim and the common hashtag to be used on social media communication #MedFilm4all.
  • A Final international conference will be organised in Bologna during Terra di Tutti Film Festival as a way to promote networking and the action values. Therefore a 2 days film screening of Med Films will be part of the festival programme reaching a public of around 10.000 people.
Additional Info

Other involved Countries are: Palestine; Jordan; Egypt; Lebanon; Morocco; Libya.


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