Socio-conomic Development
Socio-conomic Development

Local development and cultural initiatives in Holguín

The programme contributes to the development and improvement of the quality of life for citizens of Holguín, within a wider local development programme, Holguín-Cuban city of parks.

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Local partners

UNAICC - Unión Nacional de Arquitectos e Ingenieros de la Construcción de Cuba 

International partners


Funding agencies

Swiss Cooperation

Starting date

August 2016

Implementation period

17 months 

The Polis – Casa Grande programme is set in the historical centre and the outskirts of Holguín as part of the inclusive territorial development strategy that UNAICC has been promoting in the area in the last years.The action constitutes the first stage of a wider local development programme, Holguín-Cuban city of parks, that envisages Holguín as the model city for urban planning, as tourist destination and as pioneer of the Cuban city parks network. The programme aims to contribute to the local and sustainable development in order to improve the quality of life for families in Holguín and for visitors, through an integrated, creative and efficient participatory management that makes good use of the full potential of the area.

General Objective: contribute to the development of an integrated urban management within a participatory and creative inclusion of local actors and citizens as key members of the process and of local transformations.

Specific Objective: create permanent areas for the diffusion of knowledge, ability and identity that contribute to identify Holguín as a parks - city, through the organization of festivals, workshops of global project planning/design and dissemination strategies in the area. 


  • Creation of an inter-institutional permanent space (management group).
  • Enhancement of infrastructure and necessary equipment for the implementation of the foreseen actions.
  • Organization of a workshop in Italy on the subject of participatory urban planning.
  • Implementation of a technical and economic feasibility study.
  • Designing of a logo to identify the Polis-Casa Grande project and to relate it to Holguín-Cuban city of parks through a public call to local designers.
  • Participatory planning of the training programme and drafting of the first version of the “Holguín-Cuban city of parks programme”.
  • Implementation of a workshop in global project design with the aim of sharing experiences in management and community planning.
  • Organization and implementation of the first “Festival of Parks”.


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