Labour Migration and Human Trafficking

Sector study conducted by GVC and the Asian Institute of Technology. 

GVC promoted the sector study “Labour Migration and Human Trafficking. An Analysis of laws, regulations and policies in Thailand and Cambodia”, to identify deficiencies and gaps in the Thai and Cambodian laws and policies.

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A complex scenario emerged from the research “Labour Migration and Human Trafficking”, demonstrating the necessity to intervene and identifying three priorities:

a) Make legal migration channels available, contrasting corruption and incapacity of officials on both sides to reduce costs, length and offer safe paths;

b) Strengthen migrant workers’ rights, giving the possibility of changing employer, of having an active role in Unions and enabling the latter – together with human rights organisations – to act effectively;

c) Protect victims, even if they migrated through irregular channels: guarantee a fair trial in a system that punishes traffickers and enables reparation of damages/violations suffered. 


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