WeWorld-GVC, recently constituted from the merger of two NGOs, is an Italian secular and independent organization working since 1971 in international cooperation and humanitarian aid. Present in 27 countries with 158 projects, WeWorld-GVC operates in the following areas of assistance: human rights (gender equality, prevention and combating violence against children and women, migration), humanitarian aid (prevention, emergency relief and rehabilitation), food security, access to water, health and hygiene, education, global citizenship education, quality teaching and international volunteering. WeWorld-GVC works mostly with girls, boys, women and youth, actors of change in every community for a fairer and more inclusive world. Supports people overcoming emergencies and guarantees a life with dignity, opportunities and a better future through human and economic development programs, in the framework of the 2030 Agenda. Joining the WeWorld-GVC team means being part of the development of a dynamic organisation where the contribution of each staff member is promoted and valued, working together towards the collective achievement of shared goals and vision. At present, the main donors are Italy (AICS), the EU (DG ECHO), UNICEF, OCHA, and Belgium (DGD).


Within the framework of the activities managed by the International Program Departments, WeWorld-GVC is looking for a

Senior Thematic expert: EDUCATION – including Education in Emergencies


The Thematic Expert will plan his/her work according to the priorities defined by the Project Development and Knowledge Management (PDKM Area) to whom he/she reports. The Thematic Expert’s support will be carried out partly in the form of a back office and partly with on-site missions in the countries, to be planned with the PDKM Area Coordinator and the Regional Unit.

Ensuring the highest quality of technical and thematic support in the time and manner agreed, the Thematic Expert would provide advice in the following areas of work in relation to their area of specialization:


Areas of Work

1.   Support for the drafting of project proposals

2.  Technical assistance in the implementation of programs

3.  Knowledge Management


Support to the drafting of project proposals

This area of work is a priority and will constitute approximately the 40% of the required commitment

  • Support the drafting of project proposals
  • Structuring, organizing and supervising Need Assessment
  • Project writing (for dedicated part)
  • Participate in Design Coordination meetings at the invitation of the PDKM Area Coordinator


Technical assistance in program implementation

This area of work will represent approximately 30% of the required commitment and will be structured in support of existing expertise in the field and duly planned with the Regional Units.

  • Technical and thematic advice in support of the implementation of project activities from Italy or with missions abroad
  • Mapping and support to local thematic experts in the implementation of their activities


Knowledge Management

This area of work will constitute approximately 30% of the required commitment.

  • Process and provide data and information relevant to the implementation of programs and projects
  • Contribute to the preparation of reports, studies and research
  • Contribute to the delivery of and participate in training and capacity building activities
  • Participate in working tables and technical coordination
  • Support the development of thematic policy and advocacy documents in coordination with the Advocacy Policy and Partnership Department.


Type of Operational and Organizational Availability

  • About 10 days/month for back office activities – to be planned with the PDKM Coordinator
  • Mission abroad in the Countries indicated by WeWorld – to be planned with the Regional Unit and PDKM Coordinator


Essential Requirements:

  • Previous experiences in Education – including Education in Emergency
  • Previous experiences in drafting project proposal, preparation of reports and research for Institutional Donors
  • Previous experiences in conducting training programmes and capacity building activities
  • Strong communication skills in English and in one or more of the following languages: Spanish, Portuguese and French. Italian is an advantage.


Instructions to bid are comprehensively explained in the Invitation to Bid


The Invitation to Bid will be available via email and on request from the 1st of March to the 31st of March 2021 to the following email address: AND always in cc

The invitation to Bid contains all the information and documentation required for submitting a proposal.

The deadline for offer submissions is 31st of March 2021 – 18.00 CEST





Date and time


Tender Notice Publication

1st March 2021


Invitation to bid release

From 1st March 2021 to 31st March 2021

The ITB will be sent via email to the tenders who request the ITB

Deadline for asking clarifications from WW GVC

15th March 2021

Clarifications to be made via email at and

Last date on which clarifications are issued by WW GVC

17th March 2021


Deadline for submission of Bids

31st March 2021 h: 18.00 CEST

The bids must be submitted according to the instructions indicated in this Dossier

Tender Opening Session

1st April 2021

Additional information will be shared on the institutional website

Contract start date (estimated)

1st May 2021


Contract duration

14 months



Additional information or clarifications/questions will be published on WeWorld GVC website accordingly to the instructions indicated in the Invitation to Bid.

Eligible bidders must submit the Offer by required deadline and according to the instruction included in the Invitation to Bid.  Offers sent after the deadline will not be considered.

Due to the current situation and uncertain related to the COVID-19 emergencies, the Tender Opening Session will be held by online open conference.

For receiving the details, please send a request to the following email address: and

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