In Tunis with EU Aid Volunteers

In January 25th GVC brings to Tunis testimonies and voices of young European volunteers.

International solidarity but also the importance of competences and professional skills for the European humanitarian aid system will be the focus of EU Aid Volunteers In Action event.  The webseries TSS ON THE ROAD: AN EU AID VOLUNTEERS WEBSERIES, shooted by il Terzo Segreto di Satira in Lebanon and Nicaragua will be screened. 

In Tunis, where GVC has placed his office since 2011, the organizations partners of the project and the representatives of International and national institutions will take the floor. But above all, the stage will be for the key players: 20 volunteers will bring the voices and stories of whom (more than 80 in two years) has been deployed all over the world.

When: January 25th

Where: Tunis, Hotel El Mouradi - Gammarth

Free entrance with registration

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