Improving living conditions, health and hygiene of the Syrian refugee population

Contributing to the resilience of Syrian refugees in Lebanon by improving living conditions and the access to clean water.

Country (*)
Beneficiaries (*)
4500 people

Funding agencies

Tavola Valdese – 8x1000

Starting date

September 2016

Implementation period

15 months

The project’s aim is to improve the living conditions of 800 Syrian families (about 4500 people) forced by Lebanese military forces to deploy their tents in completely isolated and lacking services areas in Masharia al Qaa territory (close to the Syrian border). The aim is to implement activities favouring access to water and the improvement of living, health and hygiene conditions within informal camps, where the Syrian families currently live. Moreover, distributions of kits for the restoration of tents, soil insulation and waterproofing are foreseen, in addition to water tank supply, connection to wells and lavatory supply.
Additional Info

The programme is included in a wider action financed by DG ECHO of the European Commission and will allow GVC to complete the already ongoing interventions, in order to face the emergency caused by the forced evacuation of Syrian refugees. Restoring living, health and hygiene conditions in line with the operative standards agreed with the other international organisations present in the region


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