Humanitarian response for population of the Gaza Strip

The project aims to provide a humanitarian response to improve the basic WASH conditions of the most vulnerable women, men, girls and boys in the Gaza Strip.

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Local partners

PHG – Palestinian Hidrology Group;

CMWU – Coastal Municipality Water Utility

Funding agencies


Starting date

June 2016

Implementation period

8 months

The blocking of access to the Gaza Strip had already created strong issues regarding the access to water and the basic WASH needs. This situation is further exacerbated by the Israeli military operation in 2014. Nowadays, the population of the Gaza Strip is suffering serious problems with regards to the water access and the provision of basic Wash needs . The project aims to provide a humanitarian response to improve Wash conditions and to ensure access to water to the most vulnerable HHs in the Gaza Strip.

The overall objective is  ensuring the  access to essential services to the most vulnerable Palestinians under occupation in Gaza.

  • Installation of 170 Water Storage Units (1.500l each) for 1000 peolple;
  • Installation of 130 water pumps to improve the domestic water supply for 1000 peole;
  • Distribution of 430 drinking water tank (250 l each) for 2700 people;
  • Provide drinking water distribution for 550HHs,during 6 months;
  • Vacuuming of cesspits of wastewater (30.000 m3) is vacuumed from cesspits at risk of flooding;
  • Connection to the existing municipal sewage system for at least 145 HHs;
  • Distribution of cleaning kits – with insecticide and mouse trap -  for 739 most  vulnerable HHs;
  • Distribution of solid waste containers to the Municipalities -  to be placed in the most vulnerable areas- insecticide sprayers (to avoid mosquitos and flies) and cleaning tools;
  • Implementation of environmental health and hygiene campaigns in 20 localities.
  • Implementation of at least 20 activities on hygiene promotion, water management and household and community sanitation, following a Behavioural Change Communication (BCC) approach;
  • Monthly meeting between women and GV and UNICEF staff in order to inform and involve them in the implementation in WASH initiatives.


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