Health support to the people affected by the crisis of 2015

The project aims to respond to the health and food needs of families of refugees, asylum seekers and displaced persons in 5 provinces of Burundi, through a methodological approach based on health care, maternal-infant and nutritional support.

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Starting date

April 2017

Implementation period

8 months

Since April 2015 Burundi is facing a sociopolitical crisis that has intensified violence and made access to the primary needs of the population more difficult. According to the UNHCR, from the beginning of the crisis, in August 2016, about 275,000 Burundians, (more than half children), abandoned their homes and fled to neighboring countries. It is also estimated that 100,000 people are displaced within the country and 70% of them live in host families in the provinces of Bujumbura Mairie, Rutana Makambe, Gitega, Bujumbura and Ruyigi. Political instability in the Democratic Republic of Congo has also caused massive displacement to neighboring countries. The inflow of Congolese people, Burundi displaced and repatriated occurred in provinces where health and nutrition services fail to respond to minimum needs: healthcare assistants, as well as drugs and equipment stocks are inadequate. In this situation, a recurrence of transmissible diseases has been observed, including measles, diarrhea, malaria, respiratory infections and malnutrition. In addition, refugees are in areas where the HIV program is not functional in all its aspects. Conflicts affect negatively the spread of the disease, especially because of the rapes in the war zones, where the risk and the vulnerability to HIV increase much more for women and young people. This action is part of this complex scenario with the aim of providing an effective response to health and nutritional needs, trying to prevent malnutrition and to manage that acute, to ensure that refugees and returnees can have access to care both preventive and curative, and have access to reproductive health care services.

The general objective of the action is to contribute to the improvement of the health and nutritional condition of displaced persons and refugees in Burundi.

The specific objective is to enhance both access and quality of health care services, nutritional services and reproductive health care of displaced persons and refugees in the 5 Provinces identified. 

  • Opening an health care center in every refugees settlements and/or improving equipment stocks, guaranteeing assistants training;
  • Strengthening  take on responsibility of urban refugees;
  • Providing psychological and mental assistance to beneficiaries;
  • Organizing three-month mass screening campaign to monitoring diseases;
  • Taking on responsibility of acute malnutrition;
  • Promoting preventive actions: ANJE – nursing and supplements; integrated taking on responsibility of childhood diseases; suppling mosquito nets to family with children under 5 years old;
  • Strengthening health care center in the refugees settlements to ensure basic maternity ward (rehabilitation of infrastructures, provision of technical toolkit  and emergency drugs);
  • Strengthening Health Districts Hospitals to guarantee complete maternity ward in favor of displaced persons;
  • Ensuring continuative training for operators focused on acquisition of competences with regards of reproductive and sexual health;
  • Implementing and promoting family plan services, prenatal and postnatal medical examinations;
  • Ensuring prevention and taking on the medical and psychosocial  responsibility of victims of sexual violence both in settlements and among displaced persons.


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