Global Citizenship and Multimedia

Guidelines for teachers and educators

The methodological guidelines “Global Citizenship and Multimedia”, soon available in five languages, are addressed to teachers and educators all across Europe. The objective is to strengthen and systematize the effectiveness of global citizenship education through the use of new technologies, within and outside the school context.

The aim is to provide theoretical basis and specific tools that can be used directly in educational activities, to promote critical thinking and the active involvement of young people in topics such as human rights, migration, climate change and the Sustainable Development Goals. Both the theoretical and practical sections have been laid out starting from the good practices already tested in several European countries, and the proposed educational methodologies intend to foster technology as an inclusive tool, therefore as an incentive  for participation and dialogue between different cultures.

The guidelines are useful for teachers, educators and anyone involved in formal, informal and non-formal education of Europe’s younger generations. Organizations in Italy, Portugal, Slovenia, Greece and Cyprus have participated in a joint effort to create these guidelines, in order to face the growing culture of hate in Europe.

The publication is published in the framework of Migrat-ED, a Global Citizenship Education project, promoted by WeWorld-GVC and co-financed by the EU Erasmus+ Programme, aimed at disseminating good educational practices on intercultural dialogue, migration and human rights, by promoting the use of digital and multimedia tools, for the creation of an inclusive and multicultural community.


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