Funding opportunities for 6 projects on audiovisual products accessibility

The EU-funded MedFilm4all project launches its first call for proposals that will stay open from February 26th 2018 to April 12th 2018. This first call for proposals will support 6 initiatives covering seven Southern Mediterranean countries: Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Occupied Palestinian Territory and Libya. Selected projects will address the problems related to access to films tackling social and gender issues in rural areas.


The more you see…the more you dream

Priority will be given to projects designed to widen the access to films tackling gender issues, with a special focus on youth in rural areas; improve the representation of women and; empowering women professionals in the film industry.

Projects have to last between 12 and a maximum of 15 months, according to the types of activities carried out. During this period, sub-grantees will implement actions concerning educational activities and / or distribution activities and / or raising awareness and advocacy to improve the access to films.

To help define project activities, applicants should take into consideration and mitigate the obstacles identified in the Medbarometer Survey, a baseline study carried out in the 6 countries of intervention (Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine). The study, available on GVC website, points out the main obstacles related to access to audio-visuals in rural areas. It can provide project applicants with ideas on the type of issues to be addressed within the action.

The budget of the first call for proposals is EUR 492,000.00 (indicative amount) and will finance 6 projects in the seven targeted countries (Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Occupied Palestinian Territory and Libya). Any grant requested under this call for proposals must fall between a minimum of EUR 70,000.00 and a maximum of EUR 82,000.00.

About MedFilm4all

MedFilm4all is an EU-funded 36-month project that aims at contributing to human development and gender equality through the diffusion of audio-visual products addressing social issues in Southern Mediterranean region: Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine and Libya.

MedFilm4all is implemented by a consortium led by the Civil Volunteer Group (GVC) in partnership with COSPE, ANND, Mena Media Monitoring and APIMED.

The project is part of the MedFilm programme, a regional programme of the European Union.



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