From water to trades: a challenge for small breeders and female producers from the West Bank

Contribute to the improvement of social-economic conditions and the resilience of the Palestinian communities committed to animal farming.

Country (*)
Beneficiaries (*)

Local partners

PLDC - Palestinian Livestock Development Center.

UAWC - Union of Agriculture Work Committees.

PHG - Palestinian Hydrology Group

International partners

Oxfam Italia 

Funding agencies

Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Starting date

June 2014

Implementation period

36 months

Given the particular situation in the West Bank, that includes mobility restrictions and the lack of access to basic services for the population, the project aims to improve the accessibility and management of resources, to the productivity growth through technical assistance, training, support the ability of market penetration of products deriving from animal farming, dairy products in particular, to the support to the structuring of active actors in supplying zoo-technical services, in order to improve long term sustainability in the ovine and caprine breeding sector, being central to the guaranteeing of food for self-consumption and incomes for the Palestinian families from rural areas.

The project aims to strengthen the production, productivity and sustainability of the ovine-caprine sector in the West Bank, improving the accessibility to water, to animal feed and to grazing lands, the profitability of the herds, through sustainable technical services and increasing the profitability of animal farming products managed by women, marketing and commercialization of products and the ability of supplying veterinary services.

  • Data collection and analysis and realization of small water catchments.
  • Improved capability of farmers in the conservation of soil, water and grazing management.
  • Strengthening the provision of services for the improvement of animal health for 1500 farmers of 76 communities.
  • Supply services for the improvement of fertility for the herds of breeders in 76 communities.
  • Improvement of the quality and quantity of production for milk and dairy products.
  • Training of 16 women's groups in the production and processing milk.
  • Support in marketing activities and in the Commercialization of products.
  • Promotion of networking actions, governance and visibility, from local to international.
  • Improvement of the technical assistance services to the farmers.


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