For a sustainable development of Nalga de Maco National Park

The project aims contributing to the restoration of deteriorated lands in the cross-border areas in the South of Nalga de Maco National Park, through the introduction of a sustainable agroforestry production model.

Dominican Republic
Country (*)
Dominican Republic
Beneficiaries (*)
6.320 people

Local partners

ACARAFE  - Junta de Asociaciones Campesinas Rafael Fernandez Dominguez

MPP - Mouvement Paysan de Papaye - Haiti 

International partners

FJSF - Fundación Jóvenes Sin Frontera

Fundación Frontera Futuro, y Ayuntamiento de Rio Limpio

Funding agencies

DIGECOOM - Dirección General de Cooperación Multilateral


Starting date

November 2014

Implementation period

43 months

In the targeted areas remain several problems caused by the adoption of unsustainable agricultural practices. In addition, the area’s isolation, the limited presence of state authorities and the generalized status of poverty among the population, increase the damaging effects on the environment and prevents any socioeconomic development. In this context is therefore necessary to stop the vicious cycle between poverty and environmental degradation. The introduction of an environmentally sustainable production system will improve the communities economic conditions and reverse the deforestation process, in order to restoring the deteriorated lands in the cross-border areas. Agro forestation will be introduced gradually in order to produce a sufficient income growth for the socio-economic development of communities. In addition, the reforestation of the protected areas of Nalga de Maco National Park and the restoration of water springs belonging to the Artibonite River basin will be carried out.

General Objective: to contribute to environmental restoration through the sustainable use of natural resources in the cross-border area between the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

Specific Objective: to improve socio-economic conditions by introducing an environmentally sustainable agro-ecological system in cross-border communities located in the south of the National Park Nalga de Maco.

  •  Introduction of agroforestry production systems;
  • 4 training courses for 100 producers concerning agroforestry;
  • Development of marketing skills;
  • Awareness campaign through the itinerant Environment Film Festival: projections and debates on environmental issues and on the particularity of the area;
  • Exchange of methodologies among Jacarafe, GVC and MPP;
  • Training on Community management and inter-institutional negotiations for the strengthening of the Community organizations of Rincón, Jengibre, La Horqueta and Pechulina
  • Exchange of knowledge and experience between Haitian and Dominican communities on environmental issues and their production patterns. In these exchanges, the institutions will be present, so as to strengthen the bi-national and local interrelations;
  • Training for 20 agro-environment community mobilizers (5 each community) to disseminating and raising awareness of sustainable production models;
  • Cascade Grant for small NGOs’s projects and Haitian and Dominican CSOs with in order to introduce sustainable farming practices that affect land restoration and reforestaion.


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