Socio-conomic Development
Socio-conomic Development

ECO DE FEMMES – Fair Economy Echo: feminine, social and solidarity

The project aims to strengthen and improve the quality of products and the business capability regarding the women’s cooperatives in the Sidi Bouzid and Kasserine, in Tunisia.

Country (*)
Beneficiaries (*)
68 women

Local partners

RTES - Réseau Tunisien de l’Economie Sociale

GVC Tunisie 

International partners

GVC Italy  (ABRM project leader)

Funding agencies

PAB - Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano

Starting date

15 June 2016

Implementation period

18 months

Tunisia, especially in the targeted area, is going through a complex post-revolution and transition phase, characterized by an hard economic launch and a security condition worsening. Rural areas are the most poorest and the feminization of poverty is an evident fact. Although after the Revolution numerous social cooperatives, even feminine ones, have been established, these are still struggling to develop in the long term and achieve real autonomy, failing to exploit their potential. The project aims to strengthen the management, production and marketing capabilities of women's social cooperatives, already launched through a previous EU-funded program implemented by GVC, which enabled the first cooperative groups. The start-up phase was about the implementation of micro-projects of local economic development, while this new planning phase is therefore considered strategically decisive to strengthen small cooperatives for social purposes, in addition to the food sovereignty and the preservation of territorial products and cultures.

Overall Objective: promoting socio economical women’s emancipation in the Governorate of Sidi Bouzid and Kasserine; supporting the food sovereignty through the strengthen of management and production capabilities; encouraging the improvement of product quality and marketing opportunities.

Specific Objectives: leading the 4 structures of the female social economy targeted to diversify and improve the quality of their products in 8 months; strengthening technical and managerial skills, improving their business capabilities.

  • Technical training on production chain concerning  beekeeping, mall-scale breeding, dairy farming, carpet productions;
  • 20 hours of on-the- job training supported by advisors in each of the selected production chains – in order that the beneficiaries appropriate techniques they have acquired;
  • On-the-job on social and solidarity enterprises efficiency, administrative management and organizational structure;
  • 8 Training days on the principles of the social economy and good governance. An important part of the training will be devoted to the management aspects: price definition, relationship with the bank, definition of the labor cost, etc;
  • 6 Business Advisory days - mainly directed to providing practical/operational tools to ensure proper administrative management, adequately set production costs and a fair product’s price and workers’ fee;
  • Support for the commercialization and follow-up of social and solidary enterprises;
  • External Advisors for marketing development of products (packaging, label, image, promotional message, etc.). This work will have also the aim to raising consumer awareness about rural women's rights  - through information on the origin of the product;
  • Social enterprises will be supported in the expansion of their marketing network through participation in trade fairs and the identification of new distribution channels. In particular, it is anticipated that 4 trade fairs will take place at national level.


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