Eco de femmes

The Eco de Femmes exhibition is conceived in the framework of  the homonymous project,  promoted by GVC, which involves more than 800 women from the poorest rural areas of Maghreb in training and support activities for the startup of  female agricultural and craftsmanship cooperatives.

The aim is to empower and train a community of women in the targeted rural areas, enabling them to be more aware of their rights and their economic and social role, in a process of support but also accountability, by giving them the management of the resources produced by themselves. The purpose of the project is to empower women so they may be emancipated and improve their economic and social conditions.

The exhibition was inaugurated on July 15th 2015, in Bologna inside D’Accursio Palace.

Eco de Femmes was also exhibited at the Adriatico Mediterraneo Festival in Ancona, on August 29th.

On November 15th it was set up in AfricAlghero in Festa exposition, in Alghero.


Art Direction: Malì Erotico, Alessandra Cesari

Project Manager: Stefania Piccinelli, Maghreb GVC Representative

Curator: Alessandra Cesari, Marina Mantini, Carlotta Piccinini, Stefania Piccinelli, Flavio Tieri

Partner: GVC Onlus, EleNfant Film, CEFA, Chair of the City Council of Bologna, UE

With the support of: Emilia-Romagna Region

With the patronage of: Bologna Municipality

Photography: Malì Erotico, Sara Prestianni



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