Eco de Femmes

The documentary feature film “Eco de Femmes” was made within the homonymous project carried out by GVC, which engages 800 women from poor rural areas in an initiative to support start up cooperatives of rural and artisanal commerce.

Women living in rural areas in Maghreb represent over 35% of the female population and play a key role in agriculture, making up for approximately 80% of the labour force. Nearly all of the rural work is the result of their efforts, but the benefits are far from being comparable to the job carried out.

The aim is to train a community of women more aware of their rights and of their social and economic role, in a process of support and empowerment  that guarantees the management of resources in their own hands.

“Eco de Femmes” is a documentary that narrates the experiences and professional hopes of six women in the rural areas of Morocco and Tunisia. 
Zina, Cherifa, Halima, Fatima, Amina and Jamila have the common goal to create rural cooperatives that unite ancestral knowledge and the development of new products and market strategies: through their stories, we can discover how working in cooperatives has concretely transformed their lives individually and within their community.

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Based on an idea by Stefania Piccinelli and Carlotta Piccinini | Written and directed by Carlotta Piccinini | Director of photography Salvo Lucchese | Editing Walter Cavatoi | Sound Carlotta Piccinini | Sound Design and mixing Jan Maio | Soundtrack Jan Maio, Luigi Mastandrea, Bartolomeo Sailer | Soundtrack execution Junkfood  (Simone Cavina, Paolo Raineri, Michelangelo Vanni, Simone Calderoni)| Motion graphics Bloomik | Colour grading Walter Cavatoi | Production Coordination Alessandra Cesari | Executive Production in Morocco Sara Prestianni, Laura Benetton  | Executive Production in Tunisia Alessandra Cesari | Director’s Assistant in Morocco Fatima Matousse | Director’s Assistant in Tunisia Imen Karmi  | Scene photography in Morocco by  Sara Prestianni | Scene Photography in Tunisia by Malì Erotico | Produced by GVC Onlus e EleNfanT FilM |

Eco de Femmes, a documentary by Carlotta Piccinini and produced by GVC and Elenfant film within the homonymous project to support the social and economical empowerment of rural women in Tunisia and Morocco. The project is financed by the European Union and the Emilia-Romagna Region and carried out with international partners: CEFA,  le Réseau Tunisien de l'Economie Sociale - RTES e le Réseau Marocain de l'Economie Sociale et Solidaire - REMESS.


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