Development and Caring for the Environment for Puerto Cabezas communities

The project aims to strengthen the local government institutions of Puerto Cabezas in order to improve compliance with the rules and to enhance waste management and administration by means of the exchange of knowledge and know-how among Nicaraguan and Eu

Country (*)
Beneficiaries (*)

Local partners

Asociación de Recicladores de Nicaragua- ASORENIC  

International partners

Alcaldía Municipal de Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua


Funding agencies

European Commission 

Starting date

January 2017

Implementation period

36 months 

Although Nicaragua has reached a good level of development, placing itself among the middle-income countries, the latest data compiled by the World Bank show an incidence rate of high poverty. The implementation of some socio-economic public policies has not yet had an tangible impact in some Regions of Caribbean Cost (RACCN and RACCS). The unemployment rate in the Municipality of Puerto Cabezas is very high, due to the absence of firms, industries and the synergy needed to make dynamic the economy and bring jobs to the population. Nowadays the 22% of the population of the Municipality (amounting to 27.511 inhabitants) is facing many problems. One of these concerns the management of municipal solid and liquid waste. The local government is not able to properly manage the collection and disposal of waste. This inability is evident due to the weak organizational structure of the Municipality, the low budget available and the high number of illegal garbage dumps that generate urban pollution. Moreover is absent an environmental education plan for the population.

The general objective of the project is contributing to the territorial development of the Puerto Cabezas Municipality and, in particular, improving environmental conditions, sanitary-engineering and socio-economic of the inhabitants.

The specific objective is to strengthen the technical skills of the Puerto Cabezas Municipality for waste management, encouraging the active participation of the community and its leaders, in accordance with customary law and cultural heritage of the Autonomous Region of Caribe Norte (RACCN) promoting economic opportunities for the most vulnerable groups.

  • Update and modernize the Integral Management Plan of  RSU;
  • Strengthen the technical and operational capabilities of Puerto Cabezas Municipality;
  • Build, equip and operate a center for collecting and treating waste;
  • Activation of the new solid waste management system with the active participation of the population;
  • Design and implement an awareness campaign and environmental education in Miskito, Spanish and Creole;
  • Define and implement an exchange between the Nicaraguan local authorities;
  • Implement an exchange between the Puerto Cabezas Municipality and a network of Catalan Municipalities;
  • Training for whitas (traditional judges and magistrates) on the Citizen Participation Law, norms and municipal ordinances that regulate and control the environmental services;
  • Plan and create a regular space of dialogue between Municipality and citizenship;
  • Make periodic information activities to promote citizen participation;
  • Encourage the participation of most vulnerable groups of citizen through the funding of recycling initiative of solid waste (cascading grants).


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