CO.RE: COmmunities REsilience. Strengthening the resilience of Palestinian communities settled in the West Bank.

The action guarantees protection of the Palestinian communities and the strengthening of their resilience in response to violation of human rights and International Humanitarian Law dispositions.

Country (*)
Beneficiaries (*)
10.800 people.

International partners

EDUCAID - Cooperazione e Aiuto Internazionale in Ambito Educativo

Funding agencies

Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation

Italian Agency for Development Cooperation

Starting date

July 2017

Implementation period

9 months

Palestinian communities in the West Bank are victims of threats and violations of their rights, which leads them to a progressive isolation. This project uses an integrated and participatory protection approach, through the application of the Community Based Protection Approach (CPA) methodology in order to prevent and alleviate the negative effects of a coercive context and increase the beneficiary population’s resilience. The actions include the identification of threats, mobilisation and community empowerment, supply and distribution of materials and access to essential services in the educational, water and sanitary domains, psychosocial and supportive services, emergency response to demolitions and violations perpetrated by the settlers, and advocacy activities both at national and international level.


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