COM-PEMBA: community educational paths for children, vocational education and self-entrepreneurship paths for women and youth integrated within the environment, culture and local art.

Building a stronger link between schools, local communities and vocational education to contrast illiteracy and facilitate the access to employment.

Country (*)
Beneficiaries (*)
526 people

Local partners

Pemba Municipality;

SDEJT - Serviço Distrital de Educação, Juventude e Tecnologia Pemba;

AGTT - Associação De Guias Do Turismo Tuchungane.

International partners

Reggio Emilia Municipality;

Fondazione E35.

Funding agencies

Emila-Romagna Region

Starting date

February 2017

Implementation period

18 months

Starting from 2009 the Province of Cabo Delgado has faced relevant economic changes and growth opportunities thanks to recent discoveries of natural gas. Nevertheless, the low level of education and the lack of vocational education make the local workers less qualified and not competent enough to respond to the required standards. These results especially depend on structural conditions, as: difficulty in fulfilling the new scholar curriculum introduced in 2004, insufficient number of trained professors, scarce involvement of the community in school activities, the certainty of the families that school doesn’t support the growth of new generations efficiently. COM-PEMBA promotes community educational and literacy paths for children, professional training of women and youth in a post scholar age, within the local environment, art and culture; also encouraging school attendance and youth occupation. Moreover, the project supports local authorities, schools and community actors through capacity building by creating informative spaces for youth entrepreneurship and implementation of pilot practices.
Additional Info

COM-PEMBA proposal follows and strengthens the policies and approach developed in the “EDUCA” (EuropeAid) project and in the interventions sustained by RER. Moreover, it is included in a project supported by the Swiss Cooperation, which promotes extra-curricular activities and the training/exchange of teachers in schools (”Oficina de Arte” project).


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