Chipaya, los hombres del agua

The Chipaya population live in the desert of the Bolivian Plateau, near to Chile borders. They are the last Uru  indigenous that can talk their original language, which is unknown by the other populations. They  say about themselves that they  existed before the Sun was born, they are probably the first to have inhabited Latin America.



Directed and edited by Miko Meloni | Direction support Julio Cortez | Written by Miko Meloni, Julio Cortez and Daniela Ricco | General organisation in Bolivia Jose Blanes, Alberto Schiappapietra | Production Flavio Tieri, Andrea Zani | Financed by European Commission

The documentary “Chipaya, los hombres del agua” it is part of an awareness campaign made by GVC in the domain of the intervention’s projects to support Chipaya communities in Bolivia, financed by European Commission.


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