Audiovisual media as an educational tool

The project aims to encourage the use of audio-visual aids in children education programmes for early childhood.

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Local partners

Centro de Referencia Latinoamericano para la Educación Preescolar – CELEP


Funding agencies

Japan Embassy in Cuba


Starting date

March 2016 

Implementation period

24 months

The Cuban Government is particularly concerned with the issue of education. Education is considered a right of all citizens and it must be guaranteed especially to children. Nurseries and the social program "Educa a tu hijo" are the two channels, institutional and non, through which it pursues the objective of making education accessible to all. The main purpose of the "Initial Education System" is to optimize the level of educational development of all children between 0 and 6 years of age, with specific attention to their integral development, that is, by treating all the different aspects of training - as health, nutrition, intellectual and physical development. These aspects contribute to a better preparation for the children's school education. Through our project we want to participate in the achievement of this goal, using audiovisual tools to support the educational development in early childhood. The project aims to involve families - as the main protagonists of the development and care of children - and educators.

The overall objective is the promotion of audio-visual culture for children in Cuba.

The specific objective is to build a methodological and pedagogical strategy that foresees the use of audio-visual tools by families of children between 0 and 6 years of age. The support of the two local Councils in Cerro Municipality will be crucial to achieving the objective.

  • Repair and equip, in each neighbourhood association, a recreational classroom for the audio-visual shows;
  • Strengthen the teaching / educational provision;
  • Training of 3 educators in eachlocal Council;
  • Selection of high quality audio-visual tools;
  • Training for families;
  • Preparation of a methodological guide;
  • Selection of a control group to carry out observations concerning family living conditions;
  • Creation of a database, available for consultation;
  • 24 sessions of audio-visual screenings.


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